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Behind Maktoub

My name is Hasnae and I consider myself a world citizen. I grew up and lived all my life in Barcelona, Spain. I'm an early childhood and primary school teacher, but my passion is travelling.  After finishing my degree years ago, I decided to start travelling full time and became a modern nomad.


For many years I combined both my profession with passion and I had the opportunity to live in different countries around the world while immersing myself in different cultures, languages and experiences.


Even though I consider the world my home, I am now based in Newcastle (Australia) where I want to keep making my dreams come true and help YOU make yours possible. This is how MaktoubTravels started.


Why “Maktoub"?

This unique word translates from the Arabic concept of ‘It is written. It is meant to be’. It refers to something that is faith or predetermined.


In life, we find ourselves experiencing a lot of moments that are Maktoub, especially when travelling and living life to the fullest.


So let me take care of the organisation and stressful part of planning your dream destination itinerary, while you just focus on living in the moment.

"Travelling is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer."
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